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flag Diver of the Year

1977  Ed Bogaert 1990  William Figley
1984  Divers Alert Network 1991  Alan Hoffman
1988  Herb Segars 1993  Bill Schmoldt
1989  Joseph C. Pakan  




flag Diving Service Award

1977  St. Barnabas Chamber
1987  Gene Geer
1978  Dave Bulloch
1988  Jack Fullmer
1981  Jack Fullmer
         (Distinguished Diving Achievement)

1989  Robert Daullary,
            Steve Hardick
1983  Dr. Roy Myers
1990  Michael Emmerman
1984  John Janiga
1991  Al Pierce
1985  American Littoral Society
1992  Gene Peterson
1986  Michael Torrusio
1994  Cindy Zipf






flagSpecial Service

1979  Stan Waterman
1980  Art Karin, Roger Muszynski, Nelson Sousa
1983  Marel Dunn, Ed Bogaert, Trudy Stetter
1985  Clean Ocean Action
1986  NJ Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife
1987  Marine Mammal Stranding Center
1989  Russel Bergeron
1991  Ed Bogaert, Tom Robertson, Trudy Stetter, Steve Czehut, Paul Novell
1993  NJ Center for Wound Management and Hyperbaric Medicine
1997  Suzanne Pakan

flagSpecial Lifetime Achievement
1992  George Hoffman                  1993  Manny Dosil

flagSpecial Recognition   --  1991  Stan Waterman  

flagDive Rescue  --  1993  Robert L. Del Corio

If you know of other awards given by the NJCDC, please notify us 
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